Friday 30 July 2010

Jewellery Glossary Part D

Been another busy week. My mother had her birthday this week. We all went for a meal to a place in Worcester.
Then this morning our son gets up and said he was going to the Global gathering Festival. His friend was picking him up in about 15 minutes and could I find him a tent! Now my son is absolutely useless at organizing himself.
So within those minutes he eventually left with a 2 man tent for the 3 of them. Bag packed for a couple of days and a sleeping bag courtesy of mom. The whole family still haven't got over the shock that he passed his driving test last week first time.

Back to the antique jewellery and vintage jewellery glossary part D

Damascene - To in crust metals with other metals. An art first practiced in Damascus. Now many souvenir mock Damascene jewellery comes from Spain.

 Vintage Damascene swallow brooch
Did you know that the swallow was used in the first world war in jewellery, because the swallow always returns home. The jewellery was given to their loved ones going to war

Demi Parure - A small parure or matching jewellery set. A demi - parure may be a brooch and earrings, necklace and earrings, brooch with one or two bracelets, etc

 Vintage demi parure of a necklace and bracelet

Diamante - term used when a stone is used as a diamond substitute made from crystal, glass or acrylic. Usually unfoiled and has a flat back. Can also be used to adore fabric.
Diamond - Originally diamonds were found amongst river and beach gravel.

 Vintage star leaf brooch

Just one of the lovely vintage brooches added this week. Have a good weekend  


  1. Can you tell me where I might find a similar brooch to your swallows?

    Thanks, Char

  2. The brooch has been sold, but I would say that you just keep having to search via Google for another one. As pre owned and vintage jewellery can be found for sale again.
    Best wishes Sue

  3. Would you be able to confirm who made the Swallow Brooch? I found one just like it and Google lens search initially pointed me to Smith & Pepper.

    1. Unfortunately, the swallow brooch did not have any markings; and as I brought it in a tabletop sale, I have no way of tracking its source. Good question though. Can anyone else confirm?


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