Wednesday 7 July 2010

Is your eagle brooch peaceful or aggressive?

The summer is well underway. This year the weather has been warm and sunny. For the first time our cherry tree has produced more fruit that can be eaten by the squirrels

The 4Th July was American independence day and for that day a discussion on US patriotic jewellery was initiated at the Jewelry Ring forum. One member Julie Ann had written an article on the jewellery and I was interested to read about eagle brooches.

The way the eagle is facing denotes whether it is peaceful or aggressive. To the left facing usually towards leaves or a branch is the peaceful side. Where as the right is more aggressive, this was because the brooches were from World War Two era.

Jewels and Finery has just eagle brooches for sale

From the peaceful/aggressive stance - this marcasite eagle brooch is positively peaceful but just look at that beak!!

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