Monday 12 July 2010

Ear Clip Cushions & Pads for Vintage Clip Earrings & Dating Clip On Earrings

After a lovely sunny and hot weekend, it is raining this morning. We did have plans to photograph some of the antique and vintage jewellery that we have this morning. The "to list" boxes are growing at about one a week at the moment. So that will have to wait!!

Over the weekend we managed to add the clip earring cushions and pads that help to grip and cushion the clip mechanism on all sorts of clip earrings both vintage and pre owned jewellery and of course any new ones! Still available in many different sizes and assorted packs.

 Clip Earring Cushion Sleeves or Slippers
Available in two sizes of small or large

 Rubber pads or plugs for clip on earrings 
Available in two sizes large and small

 Plastic cushion pads with grooves in a small

We have wanted to stock these for a while but have only just found a supplier.

When we source vintage clip on earrings, many have the rubber type of pads inserted. They look a lot nicer than the bits of sticky cushion that some people use. We remove these before cleaning and throw away. Over time the rubber hardens and will often break when removed. The reason we do this is two fold. Firstly hygiene and then because they will no longer cushion the new owners ears. This is not only because the rubber is no longer soft but the pad side of the rubber pad plug will mould to the shape of the wearer's ear lobe over time.

If the earring paddle has round holes at the end then these plug pads are ideal for use.


If the paddle has no holes or non round holes then the cushions will just slip over the paddle. Just measure the paddles width and length with a ruler for size.  The earrings below have the imprint for holes but not actual holes on the finding paddles. These would probably be a large cushion size but would need to measure to be sure.

As for dating vintage clip earrings - the clip mechanism with the paddle was invented and patented in the 1930s. So earring have to date from then. Before the Victorians use hook findings and thicker posts on earrings for pierced ears. Usually pierced using a hot needle - no sterilized guns in those days. The screw mechanism for unpierced ears came out around the turn of the twentieth century

These are a pair of earrings from the 1950s at least. In marcasite with a gold plating to the front of the leaves. The plating has worn on the tips. But these are dainty vintage clip earrings that curve along your ear lobe shape. These can be worn with small sized ear clip cushions. 


 Vintage marcasite leaf clip on earrings from the 1950s

Another pair of vintage clip on earrings from the 1950s to the 1970s. They are in marcasite and enamel. Fabulous condition and probably have not been worn. Scottish thistles in vibrant purple and green. They are unmarked but may be from Exquisite as they are in their style. These can be worn with the rubber clip earring pads as they have the holes in the paddle. 

Vintage enamel marcasite thistle clip on earrings 

These are an early pair of clip earrings probably from Gablonz, Bohemia. The black glass beads have grooves where they have been gilded - probably by hand. Bohemia exported a huge amount of jewellery and jewellery components up until the second world war when the owners and factory workers who were Jews were forced to flee the country or were imprisoned by the Nazis.
These beads in the earrings are superb workmanship. The clip findings are able to be worn with ear clip cushion slippers   

Vintage beaded clip earrings 1930s - 1940s Bohemia
I will look at the distinct earring backs that were produced by certain designers/manufacturers in another blog to come

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