Sunday 25 July 2010

Sarah Coventry Brochure 1976. Part 3 Dating Vintage Jewellery

This is part 3 of Jewels and Finery's third blog part in our 1976 Sarah Coventry's brochure. Ideal for helping to date your Sarah Coventry vintage jewellery in the 1970s and also looking at what the style of costume jewellery was for that decade.

If you click on all our photographs they will enlarge
Page 12

Polonaise set with Austrian crystals

A = pendant 24"
B = earrings
C = Ring
D = Pierced earrings with the dangle removable

Sparkle By The Yard Set (Jet)

E = pierced earrings
F = necklace 49"

Page 13

Sparkle By The Yard (Ice)

G = necklace 49"
H = pierced earrings

Mirage Set

I = pierced earrings
J = choker 16"

Page 14

Autumn Trio pendant 24"
Autumn Trio Earrings (clip)

Colourful pendants may be worn separately or inside the filigree frame

Page 15

A = Nature's Treasure necklace (19 & 34" chains)
B = Three Timer necklace 24"
C = Fashion Flip earrings (pierced) reversible
D = Fashion Flip bracelet (reversible)
E = Fashion Flip pendant 21" (reversible)

Vintage jewellery from Sarah Coventry showcased.

Vintage pinwheel brooch from the 1970s. This is a large brooch with a faux pearl centre

Vintage brooch called Satin Petals 1960s. This one is signed Canada as well as the Sarah Coventry signature

More in the next blogs on our visit to the Jewellery Quarter museum including some antique and vintage jewellery pictures.

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