Saturday 10 July 2010

How Many Necklaces Can You Wear At The Same Time?

Another beautiful sunny day here in Solihull, UK. Had some new garden furniture delivered yesterday. Unfortunately the garden bench would not go through the door!! C'est La Vie

This weekend I am determined to catch up on our family history research. An ongoing and rewarding project.Started in earnest several years ago when unable to move far with vertigo, and there really is only so much day time TV that one can watch!!

Here is a photograph of my great grandmother

She came from Germany in the 1870s - 1880s. By Germany I mean - somewhere in Poland/Siberia as the region was called Germany then. In fact both great grandparents came from Germany - quite surprised as thought we were all English origin. She is Margaret Piske or Margaret Feege. I never knew her, she died in Canada before I was born. This photograph was sent to my grandmother. Just love the lace collar (wonder whether she made it herself?) but can not make out what jewellery she is wearing.

I will often pick a necklace and wear it for weeks before going onto another one. My favorite at the moment is a lovely purple beaded one that just matches my clothes and walking stick. Well a gal's got to accessorize!!

But you could always wear lots of necklaces

Queen Mary, consort  wife of George V -. Was an avid collector of antiques and jewellery. She loved to to bejewel herself at the many formal events that she and her husband attended. He was king from 1910 to 1936.

Here she is wearing at least 6 necklaces a mix of sparkling diamonds and pearls. Not really the attire to go shopping in, but if you can not decide on one necklace go for a combination of 2 or 3. More at an evening party or even for a wedding.

This is Princess Margaret at Queen Elizabeth's wedding. She was a bridesmaid. Just a double strand of pearls adds a touch of elegants.

Black bead necklace of a single strand ideal for layering.

Fabulous multi layered necklace with three big bead strands.
So have a good weekend and get organizing your necklaces  

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